IDEA: Mean Green Gym

I had an idea.

So there are a lot of people working out, getting buff, being sexy right? Everybody is spinning, climbing  and lifting their way to a better body. These people need to be applauded, I for one haven’t lifted anything heavier than a bottle of beer lately. They are doing all this work do make themselves look better, why not do a little extra?

Why not build a gym where all the equipment is hooked up to personal generators and batteries. Theoretically, you could have a self-sustaining building with little-to-no carbon footprint. All the bikes, ellipticals and rowing machines could generate a great deal of usable power couldn’t it? These people are going to be doing the labour anyway, why not make a battery out of them?

Free weights and junk like that wouldn’t really work, and the gym would certainly offer these things, like every other gym.

Imagine what a spinning class could generate. If this caught on, it could possibly go passed the gym into the community, powering surrounding buildings.

The patrons themselves wouldn’t even now they were helping the environment. The main trick would be converting already existing gym equipment into the new green equipment.

It’s an idea.


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