Goldfinger expects you to die (from activism)

Also a Vegan, maybe.

Remember when Goldfinger was awesome? You would be hard pressed to find a man between the ages of 18-30 that can’t hum at least the opening few bars of their song Superman (Thank you Tony Hawk Pro Skater). A fine example of California punk in the late 90s.

I say ‘was awesome’ because typically, this is how any Goldfinger fans reacts when asked if they like Goldfinger:

“Hey, you like Goldfinger?”

“I did. But, then they got all preachy.”

Seriously, it’s a reactionary thing too. It’s like the natives that bow whenever “Shikaka” is said. They can’t help it, it’s a reflex. And I am one of these people, even though I agree with their sermons, I don’t agree with their methods.

Their message is one about cruelty-free eating, or Veganism.  I only bring up the band as an example of how certain vegetarians and vegans –or any group of like-minders–can turn people off because they are a little too passionate.  Even myself, before I came over from the dark side (of meat-eaters) have turned an eye brow at overzealous vegans with there pictures of dead animals. The problem is that groups like PETA use scare tactics to make people see the truth in their dietary habits while only making people resent the group.

If every time you went to see your grandmother, she punched you in the mouth, you’d stop going to see her right? She may have a point, you probably do deserve a punch from time to time, but people usually stay away from people like Grandma Haymaker.

Every group, be it religious, political or bearded have their extremists. I say let the information speak for itself. People need to know where their food comes from and how it effects their health, but showing them torture porn is only going to turn them off the activist, not the act.

So, be kind. All of you.


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