Here’s some BP fan art.

Have you heard about this oil spill in the gulf of Mexico? Anyway, British Petroleum (BP) is the company in charge of the offshore oil rig and it’s subsequent bed-shitting activities. Like massive oil leaks that surpass the Exxon Valdez oil spill every four days. So, here are some clever logo designs that have been floating (no oil-spill pun intended) around the internet.

I encourage stickers.

Also, for more environmental-catastrophe-hilarity check out the BP public relations twitter page, because you can only laugh to keep from crying.

By: Robert Amsterdam (maybe?)

By: spookyttws via flickr

By: Michael Spitz

I tried to make one about BP, but this is what happened. Win-win, I think.

I apologize for any discredited works, but the internet is a fickle temptress and the pictures didn’t always come with  the artists’ names.  Except the last one, that’s all me baby. You’re welcome.


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