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Nestle’s Palm Oil Problem

Make sure your next impulse chocolate craving is the right one.

Today I got an email from Greenpeace urging me not to buy KitKat bars, and more over to not buy Nestle’s chocolate products. The problem is, is in the pursuit of palm oil (that is a key component in chocolate making) is creating a massive deforestation problem. And since there is no such thing as singularity among environmental dilemmas, the population of oran-gutans in Indonesia have suffered massive loses.

“We all deserve to have a break – but having one shouldn’t involve taking a bite out of Indonesia’s precious rain forests. We’re asking NestlĂ© to give rain forests and orang-utans a break and stop buying palm oil from destroyed forests.”

At the dedicated Greenpeace site is a video explaining the problem. WARNING: the video is one produced for shock value.

UPDATE: While writing about this, Youtube has cut the video from the site citing, “due to a copyright claim by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A..” The campaign against them appears to be working.

The orag-utans’ homes are clear-cut in order to produce Palm Oil Plantations after the bogs under the forests are drained. If you Wikipedia Nestle, you’ll find that this isn’t the first time the company has come under controversy, nor is it the first time Greenpeace has called them on it.

If you would like to email Nestle and tell them what you think of them killing orag-utans, you can do that here