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Tea Party VS Coffee Party

There’s is the Tea Party, a movement started in early 2009 as a backlash against the 2008 Bailouts and the President Obama’s stimulus package. They don’t like paying taxes, and really, who does?

The Coffee Party came later as an answer to the Tea Party (see what they did there?). Realizing the importance of social services and taxation, the Coffee Party is the direct opposition to the Tea Party.

Fiscal Conservative.

Named after the Boston Tea Party in 1773, where American colonist protested extra taxation of tea by the British Government.  Tea-baggers (real moniker, really) want less taxes so they are widely seen as fiscal conservatives.

Now, conversely, the Coffee Party push the positive side of taxes, their benefits and importance.

“A key difference is in our emphasis on the democratic process, on respectful and civil engagement with one another and with our elected officials. In the current climate, too many Americans are afraid to participate, and find the process itself too alienating, because it is dominated by people with extreme opinions and extreme tactics. It’s hard to speak up when others in the room are screaming. So in the end, we may want some of the same things, but we our hoping our journey getting there will be very different.” Says Annabel Park, originator of the movement,  when comparing the two movement.

The two party are nothing to gloss over either, there are factions for both parties all over the United States. And the number of supporters is growing.

I think the idea of the Tea Party is a good one, but like all movements there are going to be more than one bad egg that takes it a little too far. I’m afraid that the Tea Party will be littered with those people who see “No Taxes” picket signs and think, “Yeah, I hate paying taxes, let go with them.” Sure, not paying taxes is really what everybody wants, but taxes are as inevitable as death. They are a necessary evil, and make no mistake they are necessary.

Our Party Leader.

I say we make a L.E.T.S. Party. The Local Exchange Trading System Party emphasizes the needs vs. wants scale of consumerism. If people trade for goods, no money is exchanged and therefore no taxes can be implemented. Also, the money people make working can be used for things that really important like bills, food and taxes. This way you get what you need, while still paying taxes. I see this as a reasonable and fair option. Sure, there may be a problem with people not having big screen tvs, and Leon’s may go bankrupt, but what do you expect from an interest group called Lets Party?